The Biggest Bubble of All

Nothing has changed, as the bubbling continues. Even those who have witnessed this bubble first hand have let their ego intervene and given up their knowing conviction because they have heard no validating popping. Alas, that does not mean they were wrong or there is no bubble:

JPMorgan Stunner: "The Current Episode Of Excess Liquidity Is The Most Extreme Ever"


Jessica Alba Likes Bubbles!

We admit, at first we thought this was a joke...

Who is Jessica Alba? We don't know. A Hollywoo (Hollywood for those who don't seen the 'D' stolen) celebrity of some sort, we are told. But more importantly, she is a diaper saleswoman. Wait, this place is about bubbles...

Whether the company is related to Jessica Alba or Jessica Simpson or Jessie James or whoever, it does not matter, for what matters is it is being floated for an IPO at a $1 billion valuation. Yes, $1 billion.


Bubble Status

So many believe we are not in a bubble until after it has popped.

Nothing has changed status wise, but as far as equities are concerned, may we suggest you read:

Stalling NYSE Margin Debt Could Signal Trouble Ahead

This is the chart that stock bulls don’t want you to see



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