Equities Bubble

This is the kind of thing you get in an equities bubble:

Danish IPO Scandal ‘Poison’ for Market, Nasdaq Official Says

But not in the USA, right? BTW, did you know that the Alibaba listing was turned down because of its unique structure?

HKEx’s change of listing rules after the loss of Alibaba


Filling A Bubble

As you know, we have declared we are in an equities bubble for some time. For those who wonder how such a bubble is inflated, may we suggest:

QE Added $9 Trillion In "Equity Wealth" Or 32% Of The Current S&P500 Level, JPMorgan Finds

Has the government ever hurt so many to help so few? Due to the complexity of economics for so many, there is no understanding of the pain being inflicted and the suffering that is being set upon the horizon.


Bubble Status

This author has caught on to one of our indicators: Small Investors Flash Warning Sign


Equities - bubble
Housing - bubble
Oil - no bubble indicated
Gold - no bubble indicated

Do we like boasting about our accuracy? Yes we do, and we are still correct!


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