Bubble Status

Why have we been quiet? Nothing much has changed, the notable bubbles keep floating.


Equities - bubble
Housing - bubble
Oil - no bubble indicated
Gold - no bubble indicated

In regards to the equities bubble, may we suggest:

> A Permabull Throws In The Towel: "Stocks Are Massively Overvalued", Key Multiples Are Post-War Records

Bubble Fear at High Levels

No matter what words they choose, the talk is of an insanely massive bubble:

Even The BIS Is Shocked At How Broken Markets Have Become

Remember, the bigger the bubble, the bigger the burst.


Equities Bubble to Continue Inflation?

Who knows when bubbles will pop, but some theories are interesting if only for their preciseness:

Jeremy Grantham's Bubble Watch Update: "S&P To 2250 Before It Crashes"

Of course we found this schizophrenia more entertaining:

S&P 500 Hits Goldman Sachs Year-End 2,050 Target



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