Bubble Bloat


Equities - bubble
Housing - bubble
Oil - no bubble indicated
Gold - no bubble indicated

You people have been calling this a bubble for some time, can't you just admit you are wrong?

No, we can't admit we are wrong in this case, because we do not believe we are. Just because the bubble keeps floating does not mean it becomes a jet or a rocket, it is still a bubble.

Right, I guess if you say it long enough there will be a correction and you can say you were right.

Bubbling Bubbles! A Bubble So Big The Feds Notice

Status? Who needs a status update when NOTHING has changed. Well, maybe one thing has changed:

Stocks are overpriced, overleveraged, headed for trouble

That Last Big Bubble

During what is recognized as an equities bubble before the great depression, Andrew Mellon -- whom most remember as a man of wealth and not the Secretary of the Treasury at the time -- was queried as to what to do to stop the bubble. His words are again prescient:

"When the American people change their minds, this speculative orgy will stop but not before."

Yes, the data has not been very good and earnings estimates are going down, but do not worry about those markets because they march on looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.



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