About That Equities Bubble

May we suggest you read Why are stock prices so high? Follow the borrowed money

Bubbles do not float on their own, they have to be blown up. A short discussion of what is helping the equities float about.


The End is Nigh - Or Not

As we continually let it be known, we cannot say when a bubble will pop, we just try to identify what is floating. That being said, there is a nice little read of one man's perspective on how the equities bubble may end, a bubble we too see floating, as you know:

Here’s how a stock market sounds when the bubble bursts

Be well and be prepared.


Delusions of the Crowd

May we suggest that as you watch the floating bubbles and wonder how and why, you prompt the mind to engage the old book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

You can download the book for free from Project Gutenberg.



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