Entertainment of the Rise and Fall

We have been so quiet because we have made it clear: We are in we are blowing big bubbles.

What happens when the Central Banks the world over throw money at a broken system to stem off market based price seeking? The ultimate bubble, and you, my friend, are living in that bubble. And nothing exemplifies it more than BitCoin.

Investors cannot get enough of the pseudo currency and the argument for purchasing the vapor asset: It's going to go up! That's it. There is no longer any need for the silly talk of a Tesla or other hyper-inflated techs on market share or growth or future profitability of products, simply the idea that it will go up based on the fact that others also believe it will go up, then go up after that.Yes, you are experiencing a great Central Bank induced bubble that has touched so many assets it has now spawned a speculation in a non-asset.

There is no need to tell you it is a bad idea to 'invest' in over-priced assets or non-assets. There is no need to tell you anything, unless you are a person of reason, of which there are few these days. If you are such a person, join us in quiet observation, in being entertained, because this will not end well for most, it never does, but the spectacle will be deliriously entertaining.

When everything became a bubble we created a bubble that was nothing. Yeah, this will end well.