Entertainment of the Rise and Fall

We have been so quiet because we have made it clear: We are in we are blowing big bubbles.

What happens when the Central Banks the world over throw money at a broken system to stem off market based price seeking? The ultimate bubble, and you, my friend, are living in that bubble. And nothing exemplifies it more than BitCoin.


These bubbles have been building for quite some time. Yes, they will pop, but we have no idea when...nor does anyone else.

"We're Now Seeing Bubbles Everywhere" - Deutsche Bank Boss Urges End To "Era Of Cheap Money"

The higher they float, the messier the pop.

It's Different This Time! (It's Not)

The bubbles are off the charts, but everyone is a genius investor again because valuation metrics are an old paradigm and the future is up. Whatever BS they present, here is a reminder it is not different: It’s Different This Time…

Oh, the idiocy of greed.



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